Excessive Causes of Sweat

There are some people who tend to produce sweat with the unusual, that is very much and excessive. This will certainly make very uncomfortable considering our clothes will be more easily wet and our body odor will also be easily affected. In fact, if we use deodorant too, this excessive sweat will still continue. Actually, what are the causes of this excessive sweating problem?

Health experts say if the main trigger of the amount of sweat produced is a health condition called hyperhidrosis or a condition in which the body produces sweat with very much and excessive. There are some people who produce excessive sweat on some body parts like the armpits, hands, feet, even on the lips. Often, the condition of hyperhidrosis is also caused by genetic or hereditary factors. If there are families who have hyperhidrosis, then maybe we will experience the same thing.

Excessive sweat production is sometimes caused by a worrying thing, namely the sign of a much more dangerous disease. For example, people with diabetes who have blood sugar levels difficult to control can make the production of sweat becomes erratic. Visit our website and get hiperidrose tratamento.