Do not Hesitate to “Fix” Your Chin, Cheeks, and Jaws!

With the advancement of the era, the price and cost of plastic surgery chin, cheek or jaw more affordable. Not all chin, cheek or jaw surgery cost a fortune. But before deciding on plastic surgery, it would be better if you make sure that the doctor who will perform the surgery on your face is a trusted doctor like william portuese md.

In addition, you also need to know some kind of surgery done on your face. Here’s the review!

1. Operation chin
Chin operation can take 45 minutes to an hour. During plastic surgery, your chin surgeon will choose the proper shape and also the size of the implant. The next step is inserting the implant on your face. A bit of incision will be made to make space and put the implant on it. The incision is usually in the mouth (along with the lower lip) or in the below of the chin area.

2. Cheek surgery
Cheek surgery usually takes about 45 minutes. Cheek surgery is commonly performed with other plastic surgeries, such as facial tightening surgery, forehead toning or eyelid tightening. When performed with other plastic surgeries, the implant is inserted through an incision made for the operation. Otherwise, an incision will be made inside your upper lip or lower eyelid.

3. Operation of the jaw
Jaw implant surgery usually takes about one to three hours. The incision is generally made inside the lower lip to provide access to create the space in which inserted by the jaw implant. Special threads in the mouth will also dissolve within 10 days.