Differences Laser Cutting and Laser Engraving

Laser Cutting is a tool that uses laser light to cut the desired material and is usually applied to the manufacturing industry. Laser cutting operates by pointing a high-power laser beam to cut the material and used the computer to direct it. In addition to laser cutting, there is also Laser Engraving.

Laser Engraving is a laser activity used to corrode the surface of the substance so the pictures/photos can be seen on the surface of the substance. It can also help us make things. The working principle of laser engraving machine is similar to carving. Where a laser beam is used to erode or dispose of the surface parts of the material. Because the function is only to carve, then Laser Engraving cannot produce colors. The result is usually only burning traces that is only the color of burning due to heat.

The contrast of Laser Engraving process results is highly dependent on the types of materials and the strength of the laser light used. The greater the power, the laser light will be burned. Easy burning materials such as wood, leather, and MDF. For more information on laser cutting, you can visit laguna laser review.