Outstanding Jump Improvement Program

Folker system vert shock is a jump improvement program that can be followed by all age range. These programs are known for its effective and remarkable result. Vert Shock program claims can improve your jumping height up to 15 inches after six week training period with three phases exercise program. The exercise designed to focus on the nervous system training and development. The exercise also improves your athletic performance, hence the reason this program is mostly known for coach and athlete especially basketball athlete. However normal people outside athlete profession can also follow this program.

In these programs, you can already see the result in a week after your first phase completion. You can see the jump height increase up to 5 inches from the ground, and if you decided to continue with the next phase, the jump height will increase up to 15 inches in the end of the program. Three phases that needed to complete to achieve the higher jump is aimed to prepare your muscle and body for the next intensive work out in the main phase. The main phase is also known as shock phase aiming to introduce the new skills to your muscle memory to help increase the desired jumping height. It can be trained using several workouts program such as sprinting, calisthenics, etc. The last phase is post-shock phase aim to cement your athletic ability that has been improved through regular exercises. Then the most important thing is maintaining the ability that we have gain by exercise regularly using three different kinds of workout at least once per week. The exercise in the program only requires small training tool to help exercise during its time. Interesting? Try our product now. Grab your discount price immediately before it is back to the normal price. However, the normal price is already cheap comparing to the others jump training program. It is only cost $134 for each e-book offered, to gain 15 inches with only $134, what are you waiting for?