Important Things In Designing Home Sanitation

Sanitation is the most important part of building a building or house, but sometimes many of us are unaware of seeing so important sanitation even world-class leaders Mahatma Gandhi say that sanitation is an important part of independence, for modern buildings or modern homes when we enter a house, suddenly smelled the unpleasant smell of the toilet or the stench from the clogged sewer. There are several things to consider in designing a water sanitation at home, including the provision of clean water and waste management. Installation of clean water, the availability of clean water is certainly a major factor in sanitation at home, any sanitation activities performed at home usually use clean water and use directly or as a complement only.

The double pipe channel on the right and left side of the house is the best alternative to wastewater disposal system but the system still has for and lost. The advantage is, if one of the sewer pipes is stagnant then the other drainage can still function, only for a double pipeline, the use of PVC pipe becomes wasteful because it uses a pipe 2 times more than using a single pipeline.