This is History of FPGA That Can Be Used Until Now

FPGA is an Integrated Circuit (IC) product that so many people used for making an algorithm by themselves. Altera Corporation also doesn’t want to lately to produce FPGA. Altera fpga can make your jobs in the computer be easier, especially which is related to design or algorithm.

FPGA has been known since 1990 and has become a trend to implement control logic at that time. By the end of 1990, FPGA technology had entered the stage of chip capability. However, this phase shift proved to be a problem. Complexity turns out to require good debugging skills and requires appropriate simulation.

However, this phase also makes FPGA a prima donna to date. Currently, FPGA is System on Chip (SoC) integrated with the embedded processor, digital signal processing (DSP) and complex intellectual property (IP). Current FPGAs are also often used in the fields of biomedicine, military defense, mathematical applications, and others.